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Our Wines

Our Merlot is has a buttery toast at the start with a well balanced melody of blackberry and oak.
Blanc Du Bois
A dry crisp white with plenty of flavor. It has subtle notes of grapefruit that linger in the finish. 
2016 Lone Star International Wine Competition Medal Winner
Sweet tastes of honeysuckle and melon dance across your palate. This wine pairs perfectly with spicy foods and a warm afternoon. 
Muscat Canelli
Sweet with subtle flavors of elderflower and honeysuckle.
The character of this fortified dessert wine falls somewhere between that of a sherry and a port. It's a little taste of heaven in a bottle!
2016 Lone Star International Wine Competition Medal Winner
Ruby Cabernet
Very jammy notes of ripe black cherry with a delicate spice finish. 
French Kiss
A perfect balance of the classic French varietals Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Red. Dry. Oak.
First Kiss
Often when we begin our journey into the world of wine, our exploration starts with sweet rose with reds appearing unapproachable. When we do try our first re, it is often sweeter and softer. This is such a wine. Perfect for both the beginning red drinker or for the seasoned wine traveler. 
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